Deadpool 3 has great news for you! It will please fans of the anti-hero, and reassure MCU lovers. The red-suited mercenary will make a splash at the cinema in a few months!

This highly anticipated third installment of the beloved Marvel anti-hero, Deadpool, is set to make a triumphant return. Despite concerns, it will mark the entry of the franchise into the MCU. There are worries that the film may deviate from its original trajectory due to the need to connect with a universe governed by relatively strict rules. However, Deadpool 3 holds promising surprises, such as the long-awaited interaction between Deadpool and Wolverine. Both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will reprise their roles, adding to the excitement for fans.

The inclusion of mutants is another reason for the immense hype among MCU fans. Despite delays, casting changes, and other setbacks in the film industry, Deadpool 3 appears to be on track. With the end of filming announced and a promising trailer expected in the coming months, anticipation is steadily building for the film’s release.