Netflix has made a new decision that may anger some subscribers. There are four subscription options available, with varying prices based on certain criteria, such as the presence of ads. And now, the American giant has made a radical decision regarding one of these subscriptions. One thing is certain, it will upset many, as it means spending more money. Needless to say, this has not made people happy, as they do not necessarily want to pay even more. However, two tiers have not been affected: the Standard tier with ads and the Standard tier without ads. At least there is that, although they might still face an increase in the future. In any case, Netflix has made a new decision that will change everything. In December, it was announced that the Essentiel plan at €10.99 would be discontinued. However, it was clarified that existing subscribers were not forced to switch plans. This would only happen if they chose to do so or if they cancelled their subscription. Unfortunately, Netflix has informed its investors that it is going back on its decision. The Essentiel plan will be permanently removed in the coming months. The Essentiel plan is no longer available for new or returning members. If you are currently on this plan, you can remain on it until your plan is changed or your account is cancelled. It is important to note that this change has not yet happened in France. From what we understand, it will start in Canada, followed by the United Kingdom in the second quarter of 2024. The rest of Europe is expected to follow during this period, so it’s coming soon. When this change is implemented, subscribers will have to pay €13.49 to access the “cheapest” ad-free option. This news has not been received well by the community, and it is likely to be difficult to accept. As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time the company has encouraged spending more money. In this case, it concerns the Essentiel plan, but there is no guarantee that other tiers are safe. As the streaming platform stated, “as we invest in and improve Netflix, we will occasionally ask our members to pay a little more to reflect these improvements.” These statements hint at a costly future for our wallets.