Disney+ released its big Marvel series, Echo, so the rest of the month is clearly quieter in terms of new releases. However, there are still some great releases to enjoy. In this new week of 2024, Disney+ is more reserved in its additions compared to the rest of the month, especially for animation fans who want to discover the continuation of a truly cult series. We can notably find and especially the second part of season 19 of American Dad. Does this cult masterpiece really need an introduction? Created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman, this series, known for its satirical humor and unique style, follows the adventures of the Smith family, led by the CIA agent and head of the family, Stan Smith. Just a reminder, there are currently a total of 20 seasons. So, there is still one season waiting to finally catch up with the American broadcast, and season 21 is supposedly in the works. The film follows the truth-seeking journey of its older brother, Steve, spanning three decades, and explores the investigation of several unresolved similar murders. This documentary miniseries opens a Pandora’s box full of mysteries and research for justice. A long-awaited documentary for animal and beauty lovers, as we will finally have the right to 1001 True Legs. It is a production by National Geographic inspired by Disney and Pixar’s animated film A Bug’s Life. This documentary explores the lives of micro-insects in different regions of the world, highlighting how these little creatures use their abilities and form unlikely alliances to survive everyday life. The aim of the documentary is to reveal natural phenomena on a miniature scale.