Assassin’s Creed returns once again in a new game in an unprecedented form. It will allow players to focus on a customizable story. Pre-orders are available until March 2024 on the website. It caters to all audiences, so there’s no need to have completed dozens of D&D campaigns to enjoy this new release.

Additionally, it adapts to all budgets with three different sets at 35€, 100€, and 160€ (special prices). The 35€ offer includes the Animus manual, which has everything needed to start playing. It contains the game rules, rich explanations about the lore, and the narrative framework of this RPG. Each scenario can be completed in a single session, eliminating the need for multiple weekends to finish a campaign.

Furthermore, the Mach System, a set of original rules, allows for quick understanding and is based on 2 sets of unique Assassin’s Creed dice. Despite the simplification, players are still encouraged to use their imagination through adapted storytelling. In this new Assassin’s Creed role-playing game, players embody Descendants, the modern-day heirs of ancient assassins who were members of the Brotherhood. Using Animus technology, players can unlock various memories of their ancestors, enabling them to explore different historical storylines as they see fit.

These narrative arcs, divided into historical segments, allow players to immerse themselves in different themes and epochs while building their own epic story. However, the Descendants have a global objective: to win the secret war against the Templars and do everything in their power to preserve humanity’s free will. The first set also includes a campaign book called “Shaping History” for additional scenarios, as well as a collection called “The Brotherhood’s Heritage” that contains biographical information about various saga characters. The second set includes an additional pack of accessories, ranging from dice sets to figurines and a collector’s case!

Note that the more the game is funded, the more bonuses you will receive. The tier system allows for the acquisition of extra goodies and gifts.