The most anticipated Marvel series is undoubtedly Daredevil. In this context, any information or leak is analyzed by fans. This is the case this time with a video from the set.

To get a glimpse of what awaits us, a video from the set has just leaked. The pleasant surprise is that it seems different from what was seen in the She-Hulk series, which did not please many fans. Obviously, everything is still possible in terms of change, but it seems promising for a costume close to what was seen in the Netflix series.

Daredevil’s costume is as distinct as his story. Traditionally, this costume is mainly red, symbolizing danger and passion, while blending into the shadows of the New York night. But in its most recognizable version, the costume covers Daredevil’s entire body, leaving no part of his skin visible, which not only protects him from his enemies but also from his secret identity.

Recently, we were surprised to discover the very first image bringing Matt, Karen, and Foggy together on screen, played respectively by Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, and Elden Henson. Furthermore, another piece of good news has been added to this series of revelations. We caught a first glimpse of the character White Tiger, also known as Hector Ayala, although the images are slightly blurry.

According to rumors, White Tiger is introduced when Murdock accepts Ayala as a client, after the latter prevented a theft that turned out to be an attempted murder orchestrated by corrupt police officers.