Marvel is known for delivering exciting surprises in its films, sometimes by bringing back iconic characters. Could there possibly be the return of a cult villain? The community is eagerly awaiting iconic comebacks. During an interview with while promoting the film Dune: Part Two, Josh Brolin, who plays Thanos, hinted that the return of his character was being considered.

He stated, *”I hear every now and then that they’re thinking about bringing him back,”* adding that he didn’t know in what form it might materialize. He also mentioned the series What If…? which presents an alternative version of Thanos. This statement has sparked numerous reactions.

Critics have expressed concerns, pointing out a lack of creativity and questioning the strategy of Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, who was once considered a creative genius. With the new phase of the MCU struggling to introduce a villain comparable in scale, the reappearance of Thanos, an iconic character and a favorite of many viewers, could bring an interesting dynamic and renew the stakes within the universe. At the same time, this could also lead to bringing back former glory of the Avengers, perhaps in different forms. Kevin Feige himself had ruled out this possibility last December.

However, it is entirely conceivable to imagine another actor taking on the role thanks to the ingenious multiverse system. Especially since the upcoming film Avengers: Secret Wars promises to bring back many characters, sometimes from the dead, to make a big impact, similar to what happened in Avengers: Infinity War.