Netflix has just confirmed the upcoming release of a sequel to one of its most impactful films. An immense success, it turned the stomachs of millions of viewers. There’s something for everyone and for all genres.

Typically, the streaming platform is criticized for being ultra-smooth and molding its films to its will. However, there are particularly shocking, uncompromising feature films that push their ideas to the limit. One of them will be returning soon, for better or for worse.

The Spanish director delves into realistic horror, claustrophobic terror, and an absurdity that is all too believable and delivers *The Platform*. This feature film follows the daily lives of a pair of prisoners locked in a multi-level complex. At the center of these stacked cells is a hole through which a platform descends filled with food and drink.

The highest-ranking prisoners can eat before the others, while those at the bottom of the hole only get the leftovers. A real battle for survival ensues, but not only that… *The Platform* is one of Netflix’s most shocking feature films and certainly one of the most accomplished, although it’s not for everyone. Praised by critics, the Spanish feature film is also one of Netflix’s biggest hits.

It notably benefited from the buzz during the confinement period. A stroke of luck (if you can call it that) that has guaranteed it a sequel. Yes, I hope you’re still hungry because *The Platform 2* will definitely be released this year, as confirmed by Netflix.

We knew a sequel to the film was in the works, but we didn’t have any details yet. Netflix has just confirmed that it will indeed arrive in 2024, but no date has been given yet. We also don’t know what the second installment will be about or even who will be in the cast.

So far, Netflix has only shared a few images in May 2023 with a statement that sets the tone: “Do you think it’s possible to maintain order in the hell of the platform? If you feel like it, you can already get a refresher as the first installment is still available on Netflix.