Last month must have hurt, really hurt the wallet of brick lovers as more than a dozen sets were released. Sure, they weren’t the most expensive ones we’ve seen so far, but buying several could make the bill skyrocket without even realizing it.

Sonic, Marvel, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or Minecraft, iconic licenses were not lacking, in addition to more traditional sets. While the X-Men’s X-jet disappointed some brick enthusiasts and Marvel saga fans, others were thrilled with the Spider-Man Mask and the Jurassic World T-Rex Skull, which were all really cool and easily displayable.

The second will be a bit special as it targets fans of creations “in the spirit” of the Architecture range and represents urban furniture known worldwide. It’s English, it’s red, and it was a bit of an ancestor to the mobile phone in the old days.

A relief for fans eager to see the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s feature film (Blade Runner 2049). And the Danish firm wants to ride the hype with a LEGO set Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter 10327.

A reproduction of the Atréisdes House’s aircraft with foldable and beating wings, foldable landing gear, and an openable cockpit. The number of mini-figures is also very generous, and even Vladimir Harkonnen is part of the party.

A must-have set of the month. This time, it’s not about the blue hedgehog, but about his allies/enemies Knuckles and Shadow.

It’s a BrickHeadz, so don’t look for a mini-figure. It’s not the adult version as you can see, but rather the baby version.

A product that takes advantage of the recent season of the Disney+ series “I am Groot.” The exoskeleton suit that Peter Parker wears, notably in Avengers Infinity War.

Unlike Knuckles and Shadow, which are fixed sets, this Iron-Spider has movable hind legs. And if the popularity is there, then commercialization is possible.

For this month, head to London with the iconic red London telephone box that can be paired with Architecture constructions, for example. *”This detailed London telephone box includes a retro phone or a 90s style phone, as well as a light brick that activates with a press on the roof”* (via the official website).

New releases completed by two Icon sets including the Family Tree, where you can hang small family photos. Original.

– Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter 10327| €164.99 | February 1, 2024 (available)
– Sonic the Hedgehog: Knuckles and Shadow BrickHeadz 40672| €19.99 | February 1, 2024 (available)
– Iron Spider-Man BrickHeadz 40670| €9.99 | February 1, 2024 (available)
– Baby Groot BrickHeadz 40671| €9.99 | February 1, 2024 (available)
– Stitch BrickHeadz 40674| €9.99 | February 1, 2024 (available)
– Mickey Mouse at Spring Festival BrickHeadz 40673| €9.99 | February 1, 2024 (available)
– LEGO Ideas London telephone box 21347| €114.99 | February 4, 2024 or February 1 for Insider members
– Icons The Kingfisher 10331| €49.99 | February 1, 2024 (available)
– Icons The Family Tree 21346| €89.99 | February 1, 2024 (available)