Sonic is back in full force and he’s making it known. An enigmatic teaser is building anticipation for one of the biggest projects in the franchise. The blue hedgehog is in great shape. After a little slump, Sonic has come back stronger.

Sega’s mascot has laced up his sneakers and finally taken the bull by the horns. Although the game divided opinion, it remains a great success. We also had a little return to the roots with Sonic Superstars. The next big project of the franchise
* is on its way and slowly building anticipation on the thirtieth anniversary of the third game in the series.

Coincidence? Sonic 3*
In any case, we finally got a first real teaser. While some images had already leaked a while ago, revealing Shadow, the antagonist who will confront the blue hedgehog and his new companions, there was nothing official. Well, that’s still the case, we’re not going to lie, since there’s still no trailer.

But things are starting to move as the official X account has just released a first teaser for the movie Sonic 3. A very brief video in which we don’t see much except the new logo of the movie, featuring Sonic and Shadow accompanied by a sinister chuckle from Dr. Eggman, still portrayed by Jim Carrey. Sonic 3 the movie is still expected to be released in December 2024, with an initial date set for the 18th, but since it’s not specified in this new trailer, it may have changed along the way.