Sometimes, the most hyped projects are not the best ones, and we may have the proof with Stopmotion. A work that already makes our head spin with its first clips.

At the editorial office, several of us enjoy having our hearts racing in front of unsettling things. But some are more resilient than others.

Nevertheless, when it comes to horror, there is a considerable audience, whether it’s through video games or cinema. A horror film set to be released on February 23, 2024 in the United States, and, hopefully, this year in France.

The title of this feature film by Robert Morgan, who directed the segment “Deloused” in ABCs of Death 2, summarizes both its story and the process used for certain scenes. In addition to conventional shots, there will be multiple stop motion sequences.

This animation format involves capturing an object and then assembling the photos to create movement. This technique was used for films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and the cult classic Wallace & Gromit.

Robert Morgan is very skilled in this domain as he has already produced several short films using stop motion. Stopmotion tells the story of an animator, Ella, who brings to life a macabre project without realizing that she is in for a surprise.

This creation will come to life and exceed the limits of fiction. The official synopsis of the film states: “*Ella works in the demanding field of stop-motion animation.

She works in the overshadowing presence of her mother, a star in the discipline who is now unable to complete a project. A fateful event will push Ella towards another form of creation*.”

We won’t reveal a very particular part of the Stopmotion trailer, but after watching it, the hype is real. It’s dark, eerie, quite grimy, in short, everything we can expect from a horror film.

And according to the first reactions from people who saw it at the PIFF 2023 festival, it lives up to its promises. A stunning and terrifying gem that should send shivers down your spine, and we hope to not be disappointed upon its official release.