We have just obtained two new pieces of information about Superman Legacy, but they may disappoint some people, especially fans of a well-known superhero. Yes, we are obviously thinking of Henry Cavill, who has only had one film dedicated solely to him. After that, he shared the spotlight with Batman or other Justice League members. However, he is set to make a comeback in a new cinematic production with James Gunn at the helm.

The director has made two statements that have allowed us to learn more about the story that will be told, and it may disappoint some. David Corenswet will play the superhero, which has not been well received by many fans who would have preferred Cavill to be kept in the role. Despite this, some people have wondered if Batman could appear in the film. Gunn explained that Batman will not be in Superman Legacy because “he is not in the script.”

Gunn had previously responded with an emoji indicating that people were on the wrong track when a rumor declared that Ryan Gosling had been chosen to wear the superhero’s costume. At least with this announcement, there is clarity, even though it will surely disappoint some. As for his second statement, it directly concerns the character of Superman. Since we will be dealing with a fairly young version of Kal-El, some thought the film would focus on the hero’s origins.

The supervisor of the Legacy project is adamant that there will be no sequences dedicated to this. He is direct, and that cannot be taken away from him. This was something we saw coming because even though the script is still confidential, we had been told that the story would mainly focus on the legacy of the flying man. For example, we will discover how his parents had “an impact on who he is, on the choices he made.”

Stay tuned.