The little bespectacled wizard, Harry Potter, is far from having said his last word. A very large series project is in the works, and everything seems to be moving in the right direction. Here’s what we can learn.

However, don’t expect to find the actors from the original film saga (or only as a nod), as the cast will obviously be completely new. The goal is to relaunch J.K. Rowling’s saga from scratch, with all that implies (potential disappointment of the fans). For the moment, the news that reaches us is rather encouraging.

See for yourself. Gardiner is considered one of the three screenwriters being considered to take the reins of the world’s most famous sorcerer reboot. A decision on this matter is expected soon.

Warner seems to have refused to comment on the project for the moment and to confirm or deny this rumor. Relaunching such an iconic franchise is far from simple, especially since the fan community, both vast and passionate, has very specific expectations. Francesca Gardiner thus appears as a judicious choice.

As previously mentioned, she is particularly renowned for her remarkable work on the series Succession. Her experience doesn’t stop there, as she has also contributed to the writing of several episodes of His Dark Materials and an episode of The Man in the High Castle. With the recent addition of Francesca Gardiner to this list, the identity of the rejected candidate(s) remains undetermined.

This group of talents has been solicited by Max to develop presentations based on their personal interpretation of the franchise. Apparently, the production is open to the idea of retaining several of these proposals… Surprising revelations could still emerge.

Wait and see.